Saturday Reunion at Wildwood Country Club

Our reunion weekend culminated with the Saturday evening dinner, program and dancing at Wildwood Country Club. For many this was familiar ground, as our 30th reunion was also at Wildwood. The large hall was ours for the evening, with the buffet line and bar at one end and the DJ, dance floor and slide show presentation at the other, with tables of eight in between.

A beautiful flower arrangement graced the welcome area where Ellen (Boyd) Guest and Brook (Bennett) Seymour greeted classmates and their guests. Floral centerpieces set off each of the dining tables, too, all courtesy of Buel and Carolyn (Caudill) Goodin. We later learned that each table had a tag on the bottom of one of the chairs and the lucky sitter got to take home that table’s flower arrangement.

Among the first activities, amid the buzz of the social hour, the photographer who came only to do the group shots asked classmates to assemble. It was supposed to be guys in one shot and gals in the other, but he elected to even up the numbers by adding a few gals in the guys shot. The photographer made quite a production with numerous strobe units on tall stands and himself on a high ladder, barking instructions to chatty classmates whose attention was hard to obtain. We smiled over and over again, then relaxed and breathed a sigh of relief when the older fellow safely got down off the ladder.

Meanwhile Barbara Ann Fultz and Jim Reed teamed up to do close-ups, stationing themselves at the sunny other end of the cavernous, vaulted ceiling room taking close-ups of all who would take a moment to pose. Their up-close-and-personal shots account for the greater portion of photos reproduced on this web page.

Soon, master of ceremonies Gary Steedly welcomed us and introduced Walter Longacre who gave the invocation. With that, the steaming buffet opened, featuring beef, salmon and chicken, and we talked as we lined up to fill our plates. A commemorative cake waited for dessert.

With the clinking of silverware and nonstop conversation among folks who had seen neither hide nor hair of each other in years, it was hard to hear anyone but those seated next to you.

As dinner drew to a close, Gary, assisted by Marcella (Riggs) Brooks and Charlotte (Hannold) Williams, offered a few remarks, presentations and recognitions, among them a salute to our classmates who are veterans. When they stood to be recognized, each was given a special pin.

An uncertain but heartfelt musical interlude was next. Gary invited former high school choral members to lead us in the Alma Mater and the Pep Song. With help from a printed program insert and accompaniment by Anne (Esarey) Smith on the piano, we stumbled through the songs, pretty much as we did back in high school. Did anyone ever actually learn the words to the Alma Mater?

A boatload of door prizes were awarded. Some were provided by classmates, while others were donated by numerous restaurants and other local commercial firms. The multiple drawings took quite a while, as some 60 prizes were given out. When a set of golf balls was up for grabs, at one table, Jeanie (Nall) Hadley’s husband, Bill, who had been quiet and contemplative, suddenly openly pleaded, "Let it be me. Me. Me!" Tablemates witnessed a small miracle when his name was, indeed, called out.

Among the few, last minute cancellations were Danny and Susan Deetsch of Louisville due to the arrival of a new grandbaby. John Eads elected to stay home with his wife after she accidentally cracked her foot on a flight of steps.

After dinner, dance music in the ’60s mood was presented by commercial DJ Alan Bybee. The dance floor was lightly used though, as most folks wanted to make the most of the opportunity to chitchat with old friends.

A somber photo display reminded us of those 39 former classmates who are deceased. Nearby, the memorabilia table was chock full of Southern High mementoes, from letter sweaters to dance cards and scrapbooks to copies of The Southwind school newspaper. The area was lit by a "50"neon sign created by Bill Hadley who also made the big sign out at the gate.

As the night drew to a close, we gathered our commemorative coffee mugs, the door prizes and flower arrangements and gave one last hug and a promise to friends for more than a half century. There was no rush to the parking lot. It was more of a lingering farewell. We didn’t want it to end. Everybody thanked everybody, over and over, and gradually the crowd dissipated, leaving it to the Wildwood staff to turn out the lights and put out the cat.

So, was it a wild time at Wildwood? Well, there was a lot of hugging and kissing and some were showing some head-turning moves on the dance floor, but the Class of 1961 stayed out of the headlines. On the one hand, we are happy to report that no major mishaps occurred, we comported ourselves admirably and everyone made it home safely. On the other hand, we have it on good authority that one celebrant had to return the next day to retrieve her shoes!

The soon to be captioned photos below have been reduced in size to make the files quicker to view but, even so, if you have a dial-up connection, you may want to do your chores while this page loads. We also have much higher resolution files (bigger files mean slow downloading), so if you like a particular shot, you may wish to email Jim Reed at JimReed@AOL.COM to get a higher quality version of the shots selected for display here.

All of the files here are free to download. No, we do not plan to furnish free prints, but we might print selected shots at Sam's Club and mail them to you for a small reimbursement. We'll be happy to email you a given photo file so that you can have prints made yourself. Better still, if you simply right-click on any photo here, you can then download that shot onto your own computer and print it out or email it to others. A photo CD with most all of the pictures is to be done and will be available soon, for a small fee.

Captions and identifications will follow shortly, but we are anxious to share the photos while we attend to those details. Anyone else who took photos is not only welcome but highly encouraged to send photos to us for inclusion here, too!

                — Jim Reed

(L-R) Lana (Turner) Edwards, Carolyn (Caudill) Goodin, Dina (Jones) Higdon and Marsha (Fulkerson) Nelson pose for Peggy (Shepard) Haise, while Buel Goodin (SHS '56) observes.

Emmajean (Fortner) Kunze's husband, Jerry, examines Marcella's quite challenging trivia quiz.

Larry Blair watches Richard Brooks have a sip as our Southern classmates begin arriving at Wildwood Country Club to register during the social hour.

Richard and Marcella (Riggs) Brooks are fresh-faced and ready for a long evening, even after just hosting a classmates party at their home the night before the main event.
Doug Garmon and wife, Lawren Just
Wildwood Country Club was also the site for our 3oth year reunion.
Pat (Blazanovich) Shader
Larry and Brenda (LaChapelle) Blair
Edward and Cheryl Westmoreland
Mike Miller and wife, Susana Summers
Buel and Carolyn (Caudill) Goodin donated  all of the beautiful flowers arrangements
which came from his wholesale florist business
Dina (Jones) Higdon
Dan Nardi and Sandy Ouellette
Steve and Dennis Rapp
Mattie and William Goben

Carolyn (Straub) Casillo retired in 2002 and "waited for Jim to retire in 2003. We settled in Kansas City where our daughter's family, including our two granddaughters, lives. Our son lives in Cincinnati and has been married for three years."

Bill and Jeanie (Nall) Hadley
Marion (Stickler) Reed
Mary Jo (Pape) Searcy (near side of table), then (L-R) Dan Nardi with Sandy Ouellette, Ben and Judy Lee (Allen) Wilkerson
Jerry and Emmajean (Fortner) Kunze. "In 1963, I married my high school sweetheart, Jerry Kunze," notes Emmajean. "We celebrated our 48th anniversary this past February." They live in Louisville.

Following eight years in Tampa, Florida, during the 1990s, Lana (Turner) Edwards "got a call from my daughter, Dana; I was going to be a grandma. My perspective on life changed — I was going to be a grandma! So I moved back to Louisville in 1998. Almost every weekend and some weeknights, I am watching ball games in which my grandsons participate."

(L-R) Arnetta and Tommy Hibdon and Lawren Just and Doug Garmon. All of our numerous floral arrangements  and table centerpieces were donated by our classmates Buel and Carolyn (Caudill) Goodin.

Buel and Carolyn (Caudill) Goodin cruising along. "Our favorite passion is traveling," says Carolyn. "We've been to China, Europe, Bermuda, Hawaii, the Mexican Riviera, Panama Canal, Eastern and the Western Caribbean. Some of these were air trips, and we’ve been on 20 cruises."

Buel and Carolyn have been season ticket holders at U of L football and basketball games for a long time, "and have met some really nice friends. Buel and I love horse racing, too: Keeneland in the spring and Churchill in the fall.

Janita Diane "Jan" (Coy) Bischoff and hubby, Jim Bischoff, attended his SHS Class of 1960 reunion in August 2010 and they were back for her own this year. "I had my first ever date with Jim. ...  I never dated anyone else," confesses Jan. Jim  calls me 'Saint Jan.' I  call him 'Mr. Needy.' April 18th, 2012 will be our 50th wedding anniversary." The Bischoffs have four children and live in Pensacola.

Mary Ann (Thompson) Haywood lives in Wichita, Kansas. She has four children.

Gary and Judy Steedly. They have two children and two grandchildren. Gary has completed 32nd Kentucky Derby Mini-marathons in a row!

Bill and Mattie Goben and Janie Preston (Linda's sister) load up on greens and yellows. Judy (Allen) Wilkerson is in center background. Further back are David Morgan, Twila (Higdon) Queener and Eddie and Cheryl Westmoreland. The Westmorelands came all the way from New Mexico.

Don and Linda (Basham) Morton operate her Nationwide Insurance agency. "God has blessed this work with some wonderful people and success beyond anything I dreamed possible," reflects Linda. "Our agency is consistently in the top 40 in the country in overall sales, and in the top three in Specialty Auto." Though friends since the third grade, they married in 1983 and have two sons. "Christopher has his own Nationwide agency in St. Matthews," notes Linda. "Matthew works with us in our principal office on the Outer Loop."
Lynn (Koch) Wagner is one of many Southerners who attended St. Rita Elementary, which was just across Preston.
Lana (Turner) Edwards, Carolyn (Caudill) Goodin and Dina (Jones) Higdon
were members of a Bunco Club right after high school.
Bob and Marsha (Fulkerson) Nelson
Betty and Fred Pape

Carolyn (Caudill) Goodin (left) shares a moment with planning committee member Brook (Bennett) Seymour (SHS '62). They were majorettes together. Carolyn was captain in '61 and Brook was captain in '62.

Commercial photographer Bob Kuprion used eight strobe lights to cover the official group shots. While his head is in the rafters, at floor level next to Bob's ladder, Jim Bischoff makes a quick "grab shot" of his own.

While the "official" shot used multiple lights, we made a quickie one just for the record with our on-camera flash.

Having been already been "immortalized," Carolyn (Caudill) Goodin helped herself to a snapshot. Along with a handful of other gals, Carolyn was asked by the photographer to pose with the guys to "make the numbers balance out."

Dorris Herndon (Mr. Mary (Hodges) Herndon) "We lead the simple life," maintains Mary, "and enjoy doing things with our four children, 11 grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren. We own a cabin at Rough River and love spending time there."

Dina (Jones) Higdon and Donnie Warren were buddies at Southern, and both grew up in Fairdale.

Floyd Spencer and his wife, Movinia have "seven wonderful children. They have given us eight beautiful grandchildren." Floyd owns and operates Spencer Concrete Service. "I am semi-retired now, and three of my sons are running the business for me — and doing a great job."

Richard Brooks

Ray Price's wife, Carol, is originally from Irvine, in eastern Kentucky, near Richmond. "Ray and I met on a blind date, arranged by his mother," confides Carol. "I was attending Spencerian College in Louisville at the time and staying with my first cousin, who was best friends with Ray’s mother, Connie." The two celebrated their 43rd year of marriage in 2011.

Peggy (Shepard) Haise is justly proud that, "Both of my girls graduated from U of L by putting themselves through." Daughter Ann Marie lives in Atlanta, while Julie lives in nearby Jeffersontown. Peggy is now retired after working 12 years at Laboratory Supply Co.

(L-R) Linda (Basham) Morton (seated), Georgia (Allen) Hurst,
Norma Jean "Jeanie" (Ott) Buehner,
Joyce (Nichols) Chumbley and Floyd Spencer

(L-R) Peggy (Shepard) Haise, Jenny (Snyder) Richey and Marsha (Fulkerson) Nelson rely on crib notes as they led us in singing the pep song and Alma Mater. Did anyone at all ever memorize the words?

Anne (Esarey) Smith accompanied as we sang the fight song and Alma Mater. "In orchestra with Anne," recalls Carol (Pittard) Livers, "I played violin and she played cello and bass. I remember her hip problems: She would stand next to a wall and let one of the boys push her against it real hard to knock her hip back into place." Anne confirms Carol’s recollection: "My right hip ‘subluxed’ frequently due to a very shallow hip socket. If I sat holding the cello in position for a half hour or so, I could count on it happening. It would slide out of place, and I'd have to rotate it back into the socket." Ouch!

Dina (Jones) Higdon adjusts memorabilia table

Marcella started keeping a scrapbook as a freshman at Southern. "Over the years, I've probably created 15 or more picture books of family and friend's activities."

Among those who still fit in their school jackets is Billy Guest who lent his for our memorabilia table.  If you look very closely, you can find Marcella's purple cheerleading tights. "I can fit in them, too," she brags. While the poodle skirt is of more recent vintage, Marcella's plaid pleated skirt was "all the rage" during our high school days.

Among the memorabilia on display was Marcella's white cheerleading letter atop Richard's football manager letter. Look closely to see his two Key Club pins.
Emmajean (Fortner) Kunze, Brenda (LaChapelle) Blair, Marcella (Riggs) Brooks and Anne (Esarey) Smith
Mary Jo (Pate) Searcy lives "close to the lodge at Rough River Lake," but takes her RV to Florida for the winter.
 Sandy Ouellette (guest of Dan Nardi)

Jacqueline "Jackie" (Peters) Zabel lives on a farm outside of Hardinsburg, Ky., and boards horses -- and nine cats. Also she has "worked at Wal-Mart for past 25 years." She has two children, three grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

Arnetta and Tommy Hibdon
C.W. and Brook (Bennett) Seymour
Billy and Ellen (Boyd) Guest
Mary (Hodges) Herndon and Linda Jo (Ownbey) Gollar
Bill and Mattie Goben
Bob Emerson says his hobbies include "Corvettes, motorcycles, roller skating club and 'honey do' lists."

David and Jo Ann Morgan (near side of table), then (L-R, from rear) Sonny Herdt, Mattie Herdt, Ina (Smith) Cook, Teddy Daniels, Dan Nardi and Sandy Ouellette.

Linda (Preston) Whitlock
Betty Pape, Dennis Rapp and Fred Pape
Dina (Jones) Higdon and Ellen (Boyd) Guest
(L-R) Bob Emerson, Jim Bischoff, Bill and Sandy Dwinell, Floyd Spencer
Gary Steedly was master of ceremonies.
Keata (Hogan) Longacre, Charlotte (Hannold) Williams and Marcella (Riggs) Brooks
help Gary Steedly with the main program.
In foreground are Mary (Hodges) Herndon, Bill and Ellen (Boyd) Guest and C.W. and Brook (Bennett) Seymour.

Norma Jean "Jeanie" (Ott) Buehner. In the PowerPoint slide show in background is a shot of pledges for Lambda Chi Sorority, a high school girls social and service group.

Our DJ, Alan Bybee
Jim and Jan Bischoff (left) take to the dance floor along with Doug Garmon and wife, Lawren Just.
Mike Miller and wife, Susana Summers, are in rear.
Buel and Carolyn (Caudill) Goodin.
After dinner, dance music in the ’60s mood was presented by commercial DJ Alan Bybee.
Walter and Keata (Hogan) Longacre (left) with Mike and Sandy (Herdt) Potter.
Richard Brooks, Patrick "Pickle" Foster, Donnie Warren and Bill Hadley
Bill (Mr. Jeanie Nall) Hadley created and provided the "50" neon sign!
Dan Nardi and Sandy Ouellette
Jimmy and Jenny (Snyder) Richey
Classmates "Pickle" Foster and Lana (Turner) Edwards, just outside the dining hall at Wildwood.
Also stepping outside for photographer Barbara Ann (Forrester) Fultz are Don and Linda (Basham) Morton.
Bob and Marsha (Fulkerson) Nelson
Edward and Cheryl Westmoreland
Cheryl Westmoreland
This couple became Mr. and Mrs. Doug Garmon in 2008.
Linda (Preston) Whitlock poses with her sister, Janie Preston.
Floyd Spencer
Keata (Hogan) Longacre

Betty (Faust) Seacat's career was in banking until retiring in 2009. She lives in South Carolina. "I spend time with family and friends and I'm involved in church activities and also have done some traveling, including a recent trip to Ireland. My favorite place is still a Carolina beach with a good book."

Joe and Georgia (Allen) Hurst
Mary (Hodges) Herndon

Ask Emmajean (Fortner) Kunze about the sleep-over "measles party" she threw at her house on the last day of our senior year. It was meant to be a slumber party, until Marcella showed up perhaps a bit too soon after an illness.

Joyce (Nichols) Chumbley
Norma Jean "Jeanie" (Ott) Buehner
Kevin and Norma Jean "Jeanie" (Ott) Buehner
Mattie and William Goben
Jimmy Richey
Charlie Meek
Steve and Dennis Rapp
Dina (Jones) Higdon
Floyd Spencer
Our group photographer was Bob Kuprion.
Barbara (Denzik) Martin
Larry McKinley
Mike and Sandy (Herdt) Potter
Charlotte (Hannold) Williams
Bill Guest and Darlene Schuler


In 2010, Barbara Ann (Forrester) Fultz and James "Jim" Reed celebrated the Southern High School Class of 1960 reunion with their classmates. Both were on the annual staff at SHS and both have pursued photography ever since their days at Southern. They have become close friends, and they enjoyed their 1960 reunion experience so much they volunteered to help take photos, create and maintain the web site and to compile and publish an updated directory for Class of 1961 members, many of whom are their friends from school. Now and then when they take a break from activities, Jim will hand off his camera to someone else because "Barbara Ann believes in getting close for photos."

Contact Barbara Ann for more information!