Our short tour of Southern . . .

      . . . was on Friday afternoon, August 19, 2011. Southern assistant principal Julie Lawrence gave us a walking tour of the first floor and lower level of the main building after being told that we especially wanted to see areas we might still recognize. The familiar main cafeteria was our staging area, then we hit the hallways and were shown the nearby but separate "senior cafeteria," which looked out over the loading dock to the main parking lot. Principal Bryce Hibbard, who is new to Southern this year, caught up with us there and gave us a warm welcome before we headed to the drab, scarcely-changed auditorium, where we once had TV classes and enjoyed stage productions such as our junior and senior variety shows and drama department plays and various musical performances.

While seated in the auditorium, we made time for a group picture of those who came to revisit Southern High, then we headed along the ground floor again to visit home economics classrooms and some athletic facilities, where the wrestling team coach greeted us and talked just a bit. Some late arrivals caught up with us as we headed to see the two new (to us) gymnasiums, the larger named after Irvin Brooks, who was our assistant principal. Most of us were a bit disoriented by this time, since these areas were not around in our school days. Thankfully, the buildings known to us as "the portables" are long gone but,  regrettably, what was for us a brand new swimming pool is now history, too. Following our tour guide, we soon found ourselves in the music room with band instruments and a huge trophy area.

The Southern campus is filled with buildings that were not around when we were in school, so we had to keep up to avoid getting lost. None of us needed to be cautioned about running up the steps. To avoid too much walking, we did not visit the various ball playing fields and practice facilities that now occupy what was mostly undeveloped land in the 1950s.

We did trudge up the stairway to the second and third floors in the main building, which was our stomping ground. The hallways there looked much the same except for the purple lockers. When we stored our books and personal items with combination locks, the lockers were merely institutional gray. Most colorful of all, though, was the Southern Hall of Fame wall located near the front office where many of us concluded our tour. Our guide, Julie Lawrence, invited any who had energy left to join her for a visit to the automotive department, but this observer was ready to call it a day. After all, Richard and Marcella's house party was just hours away!

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Captions and identifications will follow shortly, but we are anxious to share the photos while we attend to those details. Anyone else who took photos is not only welcome but highly encouraged to send photos to us for inclusion here, too!

  -- Jim Reed











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Everybody was Kung Fu fighting, and she was fast as lightning.


























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