Our short tour of Southern . . .

 . . . was on Friday afternoon, August 20, 2010. Southern's current Principal Jerry Keepers gave us a walking tour of the first floor and lower level of the main building after being told that we wanted to see areas we might still recognize. We hit the hallways and headed for the cafeteria, then the old auditorium, some classrooms near the loading dock and then back up the steps to see the new (to us) library. The Southern campus is filled with buildings that were not around when we were in school, but we stayed in the main building.

Most of the photos below were taken by Jim Reed, who has reduced the file sizes to make the photos somewhat quicker to view, but if you have a dial-up connection, you may want to do your chores while this page loads. Jim has much higher resolution files, so if you like a particular shot, you may wish to email him at JimReed@AOL.COM to get a higher quality version of the shots selected for display here.

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Captions and identifications will follow shortly, but we are anxious to share the photos right away. Anyone else who took photos is welcome to send photos to Jim for inclusion here, too!

Frank Parr is on familiar ground, sitting in the front office. He's no stranger to Southern. He's chatting it up with Betty (Beasley) Miller, while her husband, Sonny, asks Rich Stevenson where he got the Diet Sunkist.



Denny Elmore, in shades, says he considers Palm City, Florida, his home now, even though he and his wife, Martina, have a condo here in Louisville. George Shirley, in his currently favorite cap, lives in Louisville and has served as the reunion planning committee's chief liaison with South Park Country Club.



Sandy (Stone) Barratt and her husband, Mike, who were married four years ago, came up from Lake Mary, Florida. Though he was a longtime field engineer for Jaguar and also ran the Jaguar racing team for 17 years, we're unsure what mode of travel they used to get here. Sandy has two children from her previous marriage to Southern alumnus Charlie Patten, who passed away back in 1993.



Betty (Herron) Manakee (left) lives in Central Kentucky, while Lovie Ann (Higdon) Baker says, "I moved to Fairdale when I was 16, and I've never left."  James Willhite now resides in Glasgow, which is in Central Kentucky. Martina (Mrs. Denny) Elmore (right) divides time between Louisville and Florida. The front office, background, is in a section added to the front of the building since we were at SHS.



James Willhite and Martina Elmore listen closely while Southern Principal Jerry Keepers addresses our group as we visit what is now called the Southern High School Magnet Academy: "where pride promotes performance."



The student lockers look familiar but were institutional gray when we roamed the halls. Note that the locks are built in. We had to buy our own combination locks and, if you weren't careful, someone would fasten your lock upside down and backward -- which sometimes required bolt-cutters to remove. Bob Raynor (right) checks out the motivational banner. He married SHS 1959 graduate Doris Jean Miller (back to camera) in 1962. The Raynors live in Wheaton, a Chicago suburb.  Al Grant, (center) lives "on the road" with his wife, Brenda.



Our first Southern High tour stop was the brightly lit cafeteria, though we were too late for lunch. After a half century, the lunchroom still has a familiar feel, but the tables and chairs we used to have seemed more inviting than these wheeled table-stool units, though these are likely much easier to move aside or clean under.



The tiled walls and floors look to be the original, but did they ever shine like now? Frank Parr dares to try one of the one-legged stools, while the rest of us elected to stand as Principal Jerry Keepers talked to us.



The auditorium was the most familiar area to most of us. It is as dark, drab and dreary as it was in our era.
The seats seem to be the same we had. It looks little changed, except for the spotlights and a coat of paint.



Wendell Cash appears ready to spring into action. We explained to our host, Principal Keepers, how, on occasion, someone on the back row in the auditorium during TV classes would drop a marble on the floor and it would clank, clank, clank against the seats as it rolled its way down to the front of the room.



Jim Bischoff, in sunglasses, chats with Wendell Cash. Frank Parr parks his ever-present cap on his knee,
and our 1960 Mr. Southerner Melves Riggs seems right at home in the second row.
Perhaps he snoozed there during our American history TV class.



Bejeweled Betty (Herron) Manakee looks calm, cool and colorful.
"Bett," who lives in Upton, Kentucky, has two sons: Ben (1975) and Zac (1977).



OK, with Frank Parr lending advice by email, let's ID this hale and hearty SHS tour group photo.
Front row, (l-r): Warren Stanley, Betty Beasley Miller, Betty Herron Manakee, Rich Stevenson, Lana Ownbey Beyerle, Patricia O'Bryan, Jim Willhite, Sandy Stone Barratt, Mike Barratt, Martha Riggs, Melves Riggs.
Sitting on stage (l-r): Sonny Miller, Jim Bischoff with Jan Bischoff directly behind him, Al Grant, and Frank Parr. Standing on stage (l-r): Jim Reed, Connie Willhite, Charlie Moore, Doris Raynor, Bob Raynor, Wendell Cash, Lovie Higdon, Denny Elmore, Martina Elmore, Linda Bernard Moore, John Moore (kneeling) and George Shirley. Principal Keepers was recruited as photographer.



Jim Reed (center) hands off his ever-present camera to pose with, from left, Betty (Beasley) Miller,
Sandy (Stone) Barratt, Patricia O'Bryan and Jim Bischoff. Sandy, Jim R and Pat were annual staffers together.



Sandy points out the plaque honoring our principal T.T. Knight on the Southern Hall of Fame.



A few members of our  group seem to recoil at something out of camera range.
Could it be they have overdue library books?



Gal pals Toni, who has just relocated in new digs here in Louisville,
and Pat, who lives in Lenexa, Kansas, cherish  the opportunity to see each other again.



Jim Bischoff who lives in Pensacola with wife, Jan, (right), says he remembers
a project "in Mr. Hudson's wood shop adding Formica tops to tables just like these."



Charlie Moore, James Willhite (hidden), Rich Stevenson, Warren Stanley, George Shirley and Denny Elmore seems to have conflicting accounts of some lively topic of conversation.



Sandra Rose  Stone Barratt has a wistful look as we wind up our short tour of Southern.



A fresh-faced sweetheart and symbol of the future at Southern is junior class president, Brittany Thompson, who tagged along with us on our SHS building tour. We hear that Brittany is an outstanding student at Southern. The genial teen is responsible for putting together The Southwind student newspaper, is a member of the soccer team, plays basketball and is on the student council, too. Best wishes, Brittany, from our class to yours!

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