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 . . . is my own way station on the Internet. I do photography on assignment, and I'd love to hear from you when you have need. My specialty is on-site candid shots at special events, including weddings, however I also do scenic shots and general assignment photographic work.

Personal Background . . .

                    . . . on me underlines that my résumé is full of variety, the spice of life and I seem to have become a jack of all trades, or should it be “Jill.” This has kept my life interesting. I have been a wife and mother. I have a son, Christopher Tod Fultz, born in 1964, and a grandson, Dakota Skye “Cody” Fultz, born in 1992. They are “my guys,” and I take pride and joy in both of them.

Shortly after high school, I married, and my husband, Lee, and I lived in Louisville awhile, then we moved to a farm in Floyds Knobs in Southern Indiana. We owned, bred and showed Morgan Horses. We built a barn that was a lot bigger — and, blush, nicer — than the house.

In 1984, I went on a solo trip to Germany. I visited with my Southern High School (Louisville) classmate Til (Mattingly) Kroll. I also visited my son, who was stationed at the U.S. Army’s Daley Barracks in Bad Kissingen, Germany. While in Europe, I also made trips to France and the Vatican City in Italy.

In 1988, I became a Mary Kay consultant, and I continue to be a cosmetics consultant.

Through the years, I worked as a receptionist, both at a law firm and at a plastic surgeon’s office. I was an assistant to a veterinarian, and I worked in accounts payable at a bank. In addition, I worked as a customer service representative at UPS. Looking back, I treasure the diversity of workplace experience afforded by holding a range of jobs.

A shutterbug since high school, I have long enjoyed photography, chiefly as a hobby, though I occasionally do free lance photography — weddings mostly. Personal computing developed into a passion of mine once my close friend Carolyn essentially tricked me into trying what had been, until then, a scary proposition: using a home computer. Surprisingly, after only a few minutes I was hooked and ready to purchase my own machine. These days, I am so often multitasking, I use two large monitors in concert.

In 1998, I moved to Tampa, Florida, and, through a temp agency, did receptionist work for several firms: an interior design office, a yacht builder and also Busch Gardens. Additionally, I worked as a transcriptionist for claims at an auto insurance company and was a customer service representative for both an auto insurance group as well as a health insurance company. I guess, somewhere along the line, I became a career temp worker. While some people become specialists (often described as someone who knows more and more about less and less), I suppose I have become a generalist, which, in contrast, must then mean I know less and less about more and more! I think this approach to life came about when I entered motherhood, where you must be all things to your little one.

In 2001, I moved again, this time to Indianapolis. There I worked as a studio photographer. Later, I landed a fun job for Enterprise Rent-A-Car as a receptionist. I retired in 2004.  

On retirement, I thought it was time to settle down and move back home to our beautiful Bluegrass State, so, in October 2004, a little new house in Bardstown became  My Old Kentucky Home.

Recently, I spent a great amount of time helping plan the 50th year reunion of the Southern High School Class of 1960. It was August 21, 2010, and was, by all accounts, a great success.  I developed and presently maintain a web site as part of the reunion effort. Since it proved to be so rewarding, I volunteered to do a similar web site for the SHS Class of 1961. The address for those two sites are:


I am always excited to hear from old friends and I enjoy making new ones. I like to keep in touch. That’s why I have added this little whistle stop on the “Information Superhighway.” This web site, and others I dabble with, helps me combine my photographic and computer skills, as well as reach out to my friends.           

                       — Barbara Ann

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